Whoop De Duo

Unity through friendly competition.

Unity through friendly competition

Introducing Whoop De Duo, an innovative and affordable product that connects people during times of social isolation as seen in the current Pandemic conditions.


We want you to play games in the comfort of your own home and bring back memories of playing with friends while creating new memories. Connect with your loved ones today! 



Our Product

$75 / Per Kit

Each kit includes the board, pieces, app access and power cord. The kit also includes an instructions packet and a referral note in which customers will be able to give 5 people a 10% discount for a kit purchased.


Modern, fun, and accessible.

Sleek modern design with a LCD display, simple on/off switch with a microphone and speaker to hear your loved ones!

Play classic games in an innovative way.

Interactive LCD display that lights up when your partner moves their pieces on their board. They'll see the same thing on their side when you move your piece! A fun way to play live and be connected.


One board, extra happiness.

Multiuse pieces, top side for chess, colors for checkers! As we release new games, these pieces will continue to be usable!

Learn from your plays, and share love!

Connect with your loved ones and track your play history, using our Whoop De Duo App!

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Our Team


Katherine Cheng


Sameer Gurijala_HeadShot.jpeg

Sameer Gurijala


Vivian_Lai Headshot_.jpg

Vivian Lai


Miles Macklin


Miriam Greenberg


Our Goal

To design an innovative and affordable product that helps people solve pain points as a result of social isolation in Pandemic conditions. Focusing on the aspects of lack of touch and digital exhaustion, we are creating a unique product that does not rely on traditional webcamming (zoom) functionalities and is something that users can touch and feel. Users should be able to use the product in the comfort of their home without needing additional support (able to use it individually) while connecting with loved ones.